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South East Queensland Football Referee Information

South East Queensland Football is rapidly expanding and therefore always looking for reliable quality referees.
Become a South East Queensland Football Referee today by simply following the below steps:

Step 1: Complete a referees' application form and return it (click on the contact us menu above).
Step 2: Familiarise yourself with our rules (click on the rules menu above).
Step 3: Based on your applciation form, you will then be allocated to a game, on a temporary basis.

Depending on your skill level and ability to manage a game you will be allocated a temporary or permanent position. If you are offered a permanent position you will need to be available every Friday night between February and September.

Permanent referee’s match fees are $100.00 per game.

The 3 main things we look for in our referees are reliability, communication with the players/team officials and consistency.

Permenant referees then have the option to purchase the SEQFootball Referee Registration Pack. Which is an annual cost of $80.
This registration will provide you with the following benefits:

1. Public Liability Insurance - $10,000,000 / Nil Claims Excess
2. Professional Indemnity Insurance - $1,000,000 / Nil Claims Excess
3. Your own SEQFootball Official Referees Shirt, as per below


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